Owner Information

How much is my property worth?
We will conduct a rental appraisal of your property at a time that is convenient to you and will provide you with recommendations and marketing methods.

How quickly can you lease my property?
We will add your property to the internet sites specified within 24 business hours and our Property Manager also has an extensive database of prospective tenants to draw from as well as Relocation Companies ensuring that your property is leased as quickly as possible to the best possible tenant.

What will it cost for you to manage my property?
Our Property Manager understands that every property is different and is happy to discuss a fee structure based on individual Landlord requirements. We strive to provide our Landlords with quality Property Management service and advice therefore providing you with the best value for money. We believe that the Property Manager should have extensive knowledge of insurance (both landlords and building) to advise the client where to claim and how to best save the client money. Being investors ourselves we understand how important it is get the rental paid on time each month and for the tenants to maintain the property at all times.

What checks do you do on prospective tenants?
All inspections of your property are carried out “in person” by our Property Manager. Our application forms are extremely detailed covering all aspects regarding income, employment, current and previous tenancies and are subject to multiple reference checks.

How often do you pay me my money?
All tenants are due to pay their rent once per calendar month and which is subsequently forwarded to your nominated bank account within 3 days of this date.

How do you deal with rent arrears?

  • 2 days — Courtesy phone call to tenant
  • 5 days — Reminder notice sent to tenant
  • 10 days — The tenant is formally advised that a Notice to Vacate will be issued if rent is not received within 4 days
  • 15 days — Notice to Vacate issue in consultation with you
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